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Classic Manx
Burgman Manx
White Manx
Bonneville Manx Rear
 Base Price 11500.00 CAD  Price includes choice of black or white base color gel coat body, short or tall windshield, choice of 3 fender and wheel styles (mix and match), step, cockpit tonneau cover and black powder coated frame custom designed for your make and model of bike.  It's called the Manx because of its shortened trunk which is accessed behind the seat, rather than a trunk that opens from the rear.  **PLEASE NOTE: Some bikes require an additional partial sub frame to be able to mount at an additional cost.  Please contact us with your make and model to confirm whether or not this is required.

Specifications:  Weight 187 lb, Trunk Space 16 x 16 x 14.5", cockpit width 18", legroom 53" Overall length 71", Overall width 30"  
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