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The Platform

Haul Anything
Bike on Bike
Tool Box
Empty Deck

Base Price 5100.00 CAD The Watsonian Sidecar Platform Chassis  is a very versatile base that can be used to carry all manner of loads, from a box to a bicycle, or even a motorcycle!

It is also possible to mount a sidecar body on the chassis, using a simple 4-point attachment system, so you can use it to carry passengers, or convert it back to a luggage platform, to suit your needs.

It sits on the tubular steel frame developed for the updated Meteor sidecar, welded for strength and powder coated for a durable finish.

Suspension is hydraulic and it is fitted with the 16″ Classic wheel, made with stainless spokes and a machined Watsonian hub.  It is supplied with a GRP mudguard, lights, indicators and wiring as standard, and a chequer plate base, for carrying loads.

A range of optional extras are available, including a bicycle rack, tradesman’s box and sidecar body.

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